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Mindfulness Box for kids: How to bring mindfulness to little souls

Mindfulness is the buzz word right now and it couldn't come at a better time and I trust that it is here to stay. Thankfully. Things are different now for kids (and for adults :)). Regardless of the pandemic we are navigating, I feel like we are all a lot more open to seeking self-help tools to help us navigate an ever changing, fast-paced and demanding world, but most specifically for our children. Our kids are going to need all the help they can get.

I chatted to Tarryn Anderson, founder of Little-Souls: Child Wellness about the mindfulness toolkit she has put together for kids. This fabulous little box brings sensory items and fun activities together in a framework of mindfulness. It's magical and fun and every child should have one. Watch the YouTube video interview I did with Tarryn to see more of what's inside the box. The mindfulness box is suitable for ages 5 - 11 years old and perfect for gifts. It is recommended that you download the guide to the box. The QR code is inside the box, of course, Tarryn has thought of everything here! Get your mindfulness box here.

Tarryn is also the founder of the LittleSouls app - for Apple and Android. This app is perfect for kids, from breathing techniques, mindfulness, yoga and music (binaural beats are amazing for reducing anxiety, watch this video where Tarryn talks about it), all put together in a way that kids will love! Check out the cool glitter screen and bubble popping games - best ever! Download the app for your kids here.

Yoga Nidra is also a huge buzz word since Google CEO, Sundar Pichai recently spoke of how he makes this part of his daily practice, and talks on the benefits of it. The LittleSouls app includes Yoga Nidra as one of the yoga practices! Amazing.

I highly recommend the products coming from Little-Souls: Child Wellness.


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