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Imagine a bowl of fries, dappled with cheese curds and then smothered in rich meat gravy. Sounds like a very South African thing to do actually, now that I think of it. In Canada this is a tradition and part of the culture. It is amazing comfort food, especially when it's cold and you need carbs and fats to keep you going in the winter. This is it the bomb people. There are franchises that specialise in poutine only!


Some say tartan, some say "Burberry" (which is a brand synonymous with a form of this pattern). In Canada, plaid is a thing. Look out for the plaid shirts - they are super popular and timeless. Plaid blankets, dog jackets, cushion covers and tablecloths too! The flannel plaid shirt is basically what I am talking about. This is the go to for the cottage - fires at the lake - cooler evenings, even warm ones - you need this to cover your body from the mosquitos! They look cool and available in so many awesome colours.