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Updated: May 29, 2020

"So many stores, I have no idea where to start - it's so overwhelming!" Yes, I hear you. I remember when we got to Toronto, the closest store to me was Loblaws, around the corner, Wholefoods and just further along was a NoFrills store. I had Google Maps open and would search for "grocery stores closest to me". I know where you're at or where you will be soon!

A few South Africans have asked me to grade or rate stores from top to bottom in terms of price and quality. I remember asking Canadians when we got here to do the same for me which was a great help but honestly - you will find your favourite store quite quickly - it all depends on what you are looking for, what is important to you (e.g. artisan bread versus standard ready sliced bread) and how close the store is in relation to your route home!

Here's a list that might help you along! (Groceries & Household items)


Similar to Woolworths SA. High end and I feel it is very pricey. It is nicknamed "whole pay check" because many will tell you basket for basket it is a good 30% if not more, more expensive than if you purchased the same items elsewhere. Groceries, household, pre-made meals, deli and sit down, coffee bar, deli type products. (Best quiche ever though!!!)


New store just opened in Oakville (they have been around for 36 years). The idea is that the buyers source products from local markets. It is all about fresh. Chefs on site make ready-to-go meals for their beautiful deli. Well priced for these fresh products. Excellent "Farmboy" home brand. They have fresh lovely pestos. Love their sales on salmon and meat - load up peo